Google and the Duke

Just when you are thinking how to promote your craft-beer brand – say The Duke of Budapest – Google picks up the phone and asks you if it was possible for them to shoot a live-stream form your pub – Élesztő – cause the place is so cool, and while we are at it, why don’t we give them a little taster – well, thanks a lot – why not!

That’s why we are in Élesztő friday early afternoon – just to check if it was really not just a setup. Google team – three Americans arrive. Two very diferent type of guys, one of them munching on beef jerkies – what else? A curly blonde with a quick tongue . it took me a while to understand her and then another while to understand her jokes. Not the businesswoman, more like the cybermiss stuck in social media, always hooked up on the latest topics. Professionalism or pure joy? Who knows?

It is always funny to jump into a diferent culture – we hardly follow how this Trump guy moves around like the elephant in the china shop, while they wake up with his wise twiters every morning – so went the topic of conversation. Bart asked them if they cared for a beer, Stephanie (the blonde -Stephanie Paris) noted, that Trump just tweeted sg like this, so Bart goes: “maybe something else then?” But the irony was missed, at least the Americans don’t laugh, so maybe sg went astray – how probable it is for a blonde Californian media worker to like Trump?

Eventually we turned to the beers regardless of Trump or no Trump, and the rest can be watched here:

Sampling local beers in #Budapest.

Posted by Google Local Guides on 11. august 2017

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